Zeppin(excellent) 2016 Umeshu(Japanese plum liquor) By Masamune-kun


Zeppin(excellent) 2016 Umeshu (Japanese plum liquor)
By Masamune-kun



 Our premium Umeshu is made by steeping fully-ripe highest-quality Minabe Nanko-Ume (plum) in our aged sake,「Genshu Hidamasamune 2008BY」with rock sugar. While ordinary umeshu is made of ume fruits and distilled spirits, our special Umeshu take Genshu which is bottled directly from the aging vats without any dilution. By using twice as much as the usual amount of ume, our product has the rich almond-like aroma and the deep flavor. On the Rocks is highly recommended serving to taste our Umeshu. Please take your time over the glass and enjoy the unique taste!!
◆Not heated when bottling
◆Store in a dark cool place to avoid light
◆Please don’t be bothered by some cloudy sediment at the bottom of bottle:
  They are mainly pectin derived from ume fruits. It’s 100% safe to drink.
◆When some molding occur around the mouth of a bottle please wipe them off with clean cloth
◆After 1-2 year storage, our Umeshu will get richer and softer in flavor


                             720ml \5,180

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