Tasting menu


We have a small charege for tasting sake.
 A set of three glasses is about 500yen

You can choose from the follwing four varieties:

This is 20% alcohol.
It's best to drink cold.

This is most popular sake and
15% alcohol.
It's good to drink hot, warm* or cold.


This is most dry sake and 15%
We recommend to drink warm*. But, of course, it's fine to drink at any temperature. It is
popular amongst Europeans.

This is milky sake.
It's not dry and 14% alcohol.
The precipitation is very fine rice solids.
Please shake well before pouring.

*Plese note, we can't serve warm or hot sake. Only cold and room temperature.
** BY stands for the year it was brewed.

Zeppin(excellent) 2017 Umeshu(Japanese plum liquor) By Masamune-kun


Our premium Umeshu is made by steeping fully-ripe highest-quality Minabe Nanko-Ume (plum) in our aged sake,「Genshu Hidamasamune 2008BY」with rock sugar.

  One shot glass is 330yen.   


We appreciate for your understanding,
We can't serve sake, when there is heavily crowded in shop
and during the event.