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◆Genshu "Hidamasamune"2014BY

While our Junmaishu and Honjouzoushu are slightly diluted with water when bottled to reduce the alcohol content, Genshu is not. This style of sake is bottled directly from the aging vats without any dilution and thus has a higher concentration of alcohol.
 It is mild on the palate and you do not feel the high alcohol content (20%).
Its robust acidity and well-balanced, mellow taste appeal to many people. 
 It is full-bodied yet leaves a crisp and refreshing aftertaste. Genshu is a   captivating masterpiece praised by even those who do not drink sake regularly.

720mL \1,782
1.8L \3080

◆Honjouzoushu"Ten On" 2007BY

写真 We proudly offer Honjouzoushu, our excellent product with a rich and well-balanced flavour.It is full-bodied, moderately acidic and not too thick. Despite the richness, it is easy to drink and goes down smoothly.
We recommend it for those who are drinking Jukusei koshu for the first time or for those who have had a bad experience with koshu elsewhere. Served cold or warm,

720mL \1,490
1.8L \2,790


写真 Served cold this sake is freshly firm and dry while served warm it is full,
sweet, and rich. This Junmai koshu stands out in terms of its compatibility
at various temperatures. It has different characteristics depending on the year it was brewed and also tastes very different if served warm or cold.
The most unique one is this Junmaishu. Generally, people have a strong reaction
and either really like it or dislike it. Relatively speaking, it is popular amongst Europeans.

720mL \2,500
1.8L \4,960

◆Gensyu Junmai "Yamahida"2006BY  
                                         720ml \3,630

◆Orizake "Hidaji"

写真 This is milky sake. It's not dry.
The precipitation is very fine rice solids.
Before you pour it, shake the bottle well.

720mL \1,430
1.8L \2,640

◆Zeppin(excellent) 2019 Umeshu(Japanese plum liquor)
   By Masamune-kun


Our premium Umeshu is made by steeping fully-ripe highest-quality Minabe Nanko-Ume (plum) in our aged sake,「Genshu Hidamasamune 2011BY」with rock sugar.   

720ml \5,280